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Visitor’s book

My kids want to visit every museum now ! Tour guide Mehar was funny, engaging, and full of fun quirky facts about the Vestige.

Hannah Hunter

These events must never be forgotten as we forge a brighter future together. Long live the Greek nation!

29/05/2011 Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada

Members of my family were in this school and executed at the execution of 498 men. For the generations to come, understand that war is a horrible thing.

5 - 7 -12 Katsikopoulou Corina

I have heard a lot of this horrible things, but now I have seen it with my eyes. I am German and am sorry what my people has done in Greece.

23-8-2011 S. Fali

This museum is really good because you have found a lot of information of the World War 2 period. It was quiet upsetting to look/read stuff line the big wall of photos and names of man who got executed by the Germans. It was quite nice to remember them in that way!

Lydia Geronikolos Age II 21-8-11 England

This is an amazing museum. My father was from mazeika before he moved to Australia in 1963. This museum showed the history of the area and it was so upsetting it made me cry.

Peter Raptis Sydney Australia 18-6-2011

This was a sad place to be, but I am glad I got to visited. I feel bad for all the people who had to experience that. Thanks. 

25-07-2008 Vanessa Papadopoulos

A very moving and emotional exhibition. I admire the courage of the people of Kalavrita and all of Greece. You suffered great pain.

3-08-2008 Andrew Lane, London, UK

This is an important museum. The memory of the tragic holocaust should never die!

19-8-2009 Margita & Ewald Vanvugf from Amsterdam

I was very touched and very upset, very angry with the Germans. This memorial is a fantastic site to remind people of what had been done by the Nazi regime.

19-9-2009 Angelo Salamakis Australia

An excellent museum, heart breaking. I ever cried!! So sad, we all wish it never happened but a very good heart breaking museum. 

02-08-2010 Ella, Esme, Philip and Allision.

I am glad to come here and see this museum. I got to see the picture of my great grandfather who was killed here. I am at the young age of nine and come here from California, USA. It is a bit upsetting and very important to see this.

Nicole Demetriou, USA, 9 ετών, 15/ 7/ 2007

Very moving exhibits. Difficult to understand this tragedy. Hopefully, the world has changed.

Sandra and Ray Tyrrell, UK and Canada, 22/6/2007

A really sad atmosphere is coming over me when I look at all the pictures. I feel really sorry for all the poor victims. May they rest in peace and feel well.

Eva Haase, Hamm, Germany, 5/7/2007

This museum is really good because you can find a lot of information of the World War 2 period. It was quite upsetting to look/read stuff like the big wall of photos and names of men who got executed by the Germans. It was quite nice to remember them in that way!


These events must never be forgotten as we forge a brighter future together. 
Long live the Greek nation! 

Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada 29/5/2010

Hopefully everybody learns something from this black history - and this will never ever return!

Maria Muller, 28/5/2011

We are Israelis, so the story of the Second World War is very important to our history. The story of this place gives us another perspective of what happened. The story of the resistance is very exciting and moving.

S. H., 27/7/2011

There are no words for the atrocities which were done to the people of Kalavryta, and our heart is full of compassion for the pain of the women and children who survived, and the men of course. They had to suffer and nothing can or could comfort them. We are so impressed with what has been achieved experiencing modern Kalavryta and its friendly people. Thank you for your kindness, to us being German, having to face this.

V. D. B., Germany, 14/12/2013

This is my second visit to the museum. I am still very moved by the whole sad event. My heart breaks every time. A very beautiful display.

Joanna Alexander, Arkansas, USA, 17/6/2014

So many years passed by, but the human cruelty and racism is still at their best. Seeing places like this, I can’t understand what must happen to the world, that this kind of tragedies stop. Thank you for making my will and heart stronger to fight against it.

Yiza, 28/4/2015

A reminder of the atrocities set on mankind never to be forgotten in sight that it might not happen again. The museum was a hair raising experience. My father was a prisoner of war in Japan. Alison Goodwin Parcles.

28.12.15 Manchester England-Corfu Greece

I came with my family to find the snow. Before we came across this beautiful museum! I am glad I was able to bring my children to see this part of history!

Michail, Olga, Katerina, Theodora, And Anastasia Sindikakis (29.12.2015)

An interesting and well thought out Museum. Our children (8+10 years) thoroughly enjoyed reading through the transcripts well displayed and worth every penny.
Thank you for having us (2.1.2016)

Marikos Family Zakynthos

Without words.
Silence. Tears.

Louis a cyclen Belgium (31.5.16)

I’ve never been more impressed by a museum than by this one

Coen and Marja van Viegen, Netherlands (6.5.16)

My papou barely escaped this massacre- he was selling shoes and left on the last train out of here. His name was Nikolaos Michalakis from Menidi. I have grown up hearing about this massacre and am glad to finally pay my respects.

-Carmelita Kleo Michalakis- Olathe Kansas, USA, (2.6.2016)

Pleased to have finally made my visit here. I’ve heard these stories from my parents. They were children in occupied Nemea. 
Very respectful treatment of a terrible incident.

Eleni Gousias 10 Nemea Lane Lafayette, CA 94549 USA (6.14.2016)

EVIL SURVIVES when good men do nothing
Maureen Vanttingsbergh
An unimaginable atrocity may the people descendants of this town find some measure of peace


What is it that distinguishes the victim from the predator? 
It is that innocent look in the eyes
That faces eternity without fear.
Predators sink in the red of the blood they have shed, and retreat into oblivion?


Thank you for sharing your heritage, both sad and honorable, from the fighting spirit of 1821, to the sadness of 1943, yet life goes on and we are good to be optimistic for our young people who are our future. Thank you for sharing your sad Museum, and importantly the blessed and beautiful place of Kalavrita. Your story touches the heart of people in Australia.

Jennifer Stead, 20/4/2010