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Greek Martyr Cities

“Martyr villages and cities” are Greek villages or cities which have suffered tremendous destructions from foreign invaders or conquerors during military operations in wartime. This designation is granted officially by presidential decree. It usually refers to villages/cities which have suffered destructions during the Axis Occupation (1941-1944).

Listed below are cities, villages, settlements, monasteries and convents which are designated as martyrcities either formally or informally. It is to be noted that several decisions for the designation of villages as “martyr villages” are still pending.

It goes without saying that the following list is not exhaustive and it is susceptible to additions.

Descriptive Map of Greece showing the villages which were burnt down or bombed during the 1940-1945 War.

Burnt-down villages

“And as if the other destructions did not suffice, the occupation armies applied a premeditated plan for the annihilation of the Greek people, the burning down of villages. 1770 Greek villages nowadays lie in ashes. In some parts of the country, especially near the borders, up to 90% of the villages of each area were set fire.” (Extract from the album entitled Greek Sacrifices in World War II by Konstantinos Doxiades, Athens 1946.)

(Source: The map appeared in Cities and Villages Destroyed due to the 1940-1945 War, Ministry of Social Welfare – Coordination Directorate, edited by D. Ch. Karadimas, Research and Statistics Director).