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3D Representations

The Primary School of Kalavryta

It was first opened in 1906 and continued to operate until 1992, while on 9 January 2005 it was inaugurated as the Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust by the late President of the Hellenic Republic Konstantinos Stefanopoulos. During the Italian occupation the Primary School was used as a concentration camp for the imprisonment of political prisoners, while later it served as a camping place for the Italian battalion of Kalavryta. From there the male population was taken to the Place of Execution, while the women and children were held there as hostages until the destruction of Kalavryta was completed. On 13 December 1943 it was burnt to the ground by a fire caused by the German occupiers.


The Cross at the top of the Place of Execution of Kalavryta  


The site of the execution

The site of the execution is located on a small hill, on the edge of Mount Chelmos and offers a panoramic view of the town of Kalavryta. On 13th December 1943, in this field, Nazis machine-gunned the male population of the town. A memorial was erected on the top of the hill, a collection of universal symbols of sacrifice, a white cross, an empty grave and concrete headstones with the names of the murdered ones, an artwork of the architects Ilias Skroumpelos, Christos Iakovidis and Ioannis Liapis. The sculpture of the “Petrified Mother” carved by sculptor Anna Vafia is also found on the hill.


 The sculpture of the “Petrified Mother”

The sculpture of "Petromeni Mana" (Petrified Mother). Work of the sculptor Anna Vafia. It is the artistic and timeless sculpture that was erected as a monument of memory at the place of martyrdom to remind the gloomy image of that critical moment.


"Wars have no winners"

The sculptural composition entitled "Wars have no winners", work of sculptor Nikos Dimopoulos was donated by the family of Andreas Varelopoulos. The sculpture is on display at the courtyard of the Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust


Stele at the Place of Execution of Kalavryta 

The German conquerors at this place on 13 December 1943 executed in groups the entire male population of Kalavryta from 12 years old and above