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On tour exhibition

The Municipal Museum of the Kalavrytan Holocaust created an exhibition with the title: Kalavryta a City in history, before and after the Holocaust.

The photographic mobile exhibition through retrospective, through brief introductory bilingual texts and above all through rich photographic material that tells the story of Kalavryta and the wider region. The exhibition is chronologically and thematically divided into 29 panels and puts the focus on the Kalavrytan Holocaust from the beginning of the 20th century up until today.

The exhibition is designed to travel and to act as an Ambassador for the Museum's extroversion.

We believe that this Exhibition is a tool for preservation and promotion of the historical memory, the cultivation of historical consciousness and historical thinking, the evaluation of historical empathy as well as for the awareness of citizens on issues of war, peace, freedom, social justice, resistance and human rights.

The on tour exhibition was funded by a Local History program within the framework of the project "Agricultural Development of Greece 2014-2020" - CLLD/LEADER approach.