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Digital Inventory


A few words about the Digitization Project

The Digital Inventory of Municipal Museum of Kalavryta’s Holocaust was created with the valuable support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (, in order to fulfill the needs of internet users (Information – Knowledge- Research) on subjects which are related to the Holocaust of Kalavryta, which occurred during the Second World War.

The digital inventory of the Museum contains part of the documented archives of the museum’s central database, the contents of which will be regularly enriched with new documented material.

The visitors of the Digital Inventory can have access to the following digital collections:

  • Historical Archives: historical documents, maps, diagrams which are related to the Holocaust event, documents from the archive of the 117th Jäger Division and the 749th Regiment of Wehrmacht, concerning the “Operation Kalavryta”.
  • Photo Archive: with collections relating to the pre-war life, the life under german occupation (1941-1944), the Holocaust of Kalavryta and the Post-war life.
  • Detailed Inventory of executed men by region with biographical information.
  • Audiovisual Archive: with experiential testimonials -in video and audio format-from people who lived through the events of the Holocaust or starred in them.
  • Archive of Artworks: paintings and engravings related to the historical event.
  • Archive of Exhibits and museum objects.

Accuracy, quality and completeness of the information on digital collections, is a top priority and permanent concern of Municipal Museum of Kalavryta’s Holocaust. Any remarks, suggestions, comments from visitors of this site, aimed at correcting – completing any deficiencies or oversights, are welcome.

You can contact us via email at: