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In 1985 the Athens Union of Kalavitans, the Municipality of Kalavrita and the children of the Kalavrita Holocaust victims took the initiative to honor those of the heroine Kalavritan mothers that had not passed away.

Ten years later, in 1996, by initiative of the Athens and Patras Unions of Kalavritans, the Municipality of Kalavrita legislated the 14th of August as a day of remembrance for the Kalavritan Mother, who is suffering just like Virgin Mary.

On that day, a memorial service is held at the Kalavrita Cathedral.

  1. Ομιλία Ευσταθίας Τζούδα-Μητσώνια
  2. Ομιλία Σωτηρίου Χαμακιώτη
  3. Ομιλία Θεόδωρου Γ. Θανόπουλου
  4. Ομιλία Αικατερίνης Οικονόμου-Μαρτίνη
  5. Ομιλία Κωνσταντίνου Θ. Τσεντούρου
  6. Ομιλία Ελένης Καδά-Μαγκαφά
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